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Exam Solutions C2 Jan 2009

exam solutions c2 jan 2009

6663/01 GCE Mathematics January 2009 3 Question Number Scheme Marks 2 ()64 64 12 8 3 64 22 3 I xx xc xx xc =−++ =− ++ M1 A1A1A1 [4] M1 for an attempt to integrate xn →xn+1 (i.e. ax6 or ax4 or ax, where a is any non-zero constant). Also, this M mark can be scored for just the + c (seen at some stage), even if no other terms are correct.

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Mark Scheme (Results) January 2009 GCE GCE Mathematics (6677/01) Edexcel Limited. Registered in England and Wales No. 4496750 Registered Office: One90 High Holborn, London WC1V 7BH

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C2 Solving trigonometric equations 19/03/12; Statistics 1 worked solutions; Core 2 worked solutions; Core 1 worked solutions; Core2 Unit circles and trig graphs 12/03/12; Core2 Triangles and circles 05/03/12 February (4) January (3) 2011 (42) November (1) July (1) June (6)

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AQA A Level Maths Past Papers, Mark Schemes and Written Solutions. Welcome to a page of hand-written solutions to AQA past paper A Level exams. There may well be a few mistakes in there, so you have been warned! If in doubt, check the mark scheme.

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3 June 2008 Core Mathematics C2 Mark Scheme Question Scheme Marks number 2. (a) 1.732, 2.058, 5.196 awrt (One or two correct B1 B0, All correct B1 B1) B1 B1 (2)

Exam Solutions C2 Jan 2009

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Exam Solutions C2 Jan 2009